NPRA Advocacy Awards Presented to NY, CT, and PR Legislators for Their Pivotal Partnership in Protecting The Center For Puerto Rican Studies at Hunter College/CUNY

Reclaiming our Puerto Rican Institutions is essential in moving public policy toward truth and justice. This Spring 2021, the NPRA launched the Centro Advocacy Campaign in direct response to this invaluable institution facing dire budgetary and administrative cuts that would severely compromise Centro’s ability to pursue its mission and retain its identity as a distinctly Puerto Rican research and cultural center.

NPRA called on legislative leaders in NY, CT, and PR to protect and preserve this vital and fundamental repository of the cultural identity for the Puerto Rican people. This pivotal partnership helped ensure that funding was not only restored, but increased for Centro!

In gratitude and recognition of their distinguished leadership and commitment to preserving El Centro for generations to come, the following honorees were presented with NPRA Advocacy Awards at the 2021 SOMOS Puerto Rico Conference: La Recuperaciόn - The Recovery, in San Juan, PR.  

Hon. I. Daneek Miller - Co-Chair, NYC Council Black, Latino and Asian Caucus
Hon. Adrienne E. Adams - Co-Chair, NYC Council Black, Latino and Asian Caucus
Hon. Ydanis Rodriquez – Member, NYC Council Black, Latino and Asian Caucus
Hon. Rafael “Tatito” Hernández Montañez - Speaker, House of Representatives of Puerto Rico
Hon. Minnie Gonzalez, Deputy Speaker, Connecticut State Legislature

There is still much work to do to preserve ALL of our Puerto Rican institutions. Please join us - become an NPRA member today and learn how to activate your passion!