NPRA and Coalition Partners Across the U.S. Launch the #BoricuaVota 2020 Campaign

We are on the verge of an incredibly consequential election - NPRA State Chapters and our Affiliates are on a mission to ensure that every Puerto Rican eligible to vote in the upcoming election gets registered, understands the ballot, develops a safe voting plan and is informed about the issues that impact our communities.

The stakes could not be higher.  Please join us!  We can, and we must use our collective vote to improve the lives of Boricuas everywhere.  Online and on the ground, the #BoricuaVota campaign will launch coordinated social media messaging and grassroots activities in communities across the nation including caravans offering FREE, safe transportation to polling sites in key cities.

The continued health and economic crises disproportionately impacting PUERTO RICANS, stateside and on the island ARE STILL NOT PART OF THE POLITICAL CONVERSATION.  We’re committed to changing this narrative by informing and mobilizing our community.  Join the movement, become an NPRA member today!  Mail-in, early voting, or in person November 3rd…Boricua Vota!

September 2020