NPRA Delegates Establish Historic Advocacy “Bridge” for Puerto Ricans in the Diaspora and on the Island at the 2021 SOMOS Puerto Rico Conference: La Recuperaciόn - The Recovery

There is a renewed sense of optimism in our community and a historic opportunity to set a new standard for how our government plans, prepares, and prioritizes equitable funding for all of its citizens. 

NPRA was thrilled to participate in the 2021 SOMOS Puerto Rico Conference in San Juan. The SOMOS conferences provides a unique forum that promotes unity and the development of impactful initiatives that address the socio-economic disparities impacting the 9 million Puerto Ricans on the island and the diaspora across the U.S.

In collaboration with the House of Representatives of Puerto Rico, NPRA President Nilda Ruiz, was part of a formal working task force dedicated to advancing common causes for the community of Puerto Ricans living on the island and beyond.

There is a lot of work to be done to lay the foundations for sustainable policy development promoting parity in federal programs, services, and a just society for all Puerto Ricans. This work will require the support of all of us and especially our political leaders. We must rise above artificial divisions and place the good and well-being of our people above partisan interests.

We, the diaspora, all have an important role in ensuring the enactment of equitable policy solutions that serve all Puerto Ricans. We hope you will consider becoming an NPRA member and joining us in this transformative mission!  We welcome and value your contribution, join today!