Hello!  We are extremely excited to finally see each other at our 2024 Biennial National Convention 3/15-3/16. 

Our Assembly on Saturday afternoon includes important decision-making procedures and we are grateful for the participation of our delegates/members in good standing.

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the Board Approved Bylaws.

This information will require the consideration and formal actions of delegates during our plenary Assembly.

Our Assembly is the highest decision-making body as defined in our Bylaws; ARTICLE IV; NATIONAL CONVENTION Section 1. “…the national convention plenary is the highest decision-making body of the NPRA.”

Delegates will be directed to enter a designated room and convene in a plenary session.  Our National President, Nilda Ruiz will open the session and introduce the Convention Chair.  The Convention Chair review the order of business and introduce the Parliamentarian that will lead the debate and decision-making procedures on behalf of the Board of Directors.

In compliance with the bylaws our plenary Assembly will discuss and approve the Board of Director’s recommendations for the Order of Business and the Rules of Conduct.

After such, the Assembly will consider the following:

First - Ratification of Bylaws: Pursuant to established Article XIV the Assembly has the authority to ratify the Bylaws as properly amended by the Board of Directors. The delegates should consider the proposed set of bylaws and after proper revision, and subject to amendments, if necessary, the bylaws will be ratified.

Second - Elections: Based on the approved and ratified bylaws the Assembly will elect the Officers of NPRA as defined in Article VII.

Third- Resolutions: Based on Article VIII - Committees will recognize and establish five (5) Priority areas that NPRA should concentrate our efforts and work. Recognizing the authority of the national convention plenary we invite our delegates to present resolutions that will clearly mandate the actions and guide the NPRA leadership workplan to be implemented in the next two years mandate.

We suggest:
- Delegates converse among delegations and members and write Resolutions and if possible, bring copies of such to be distribute that way it will facilitate their discussion, amendments, and approval.
- Honoring and using the time that we have together efficiently. We invite everyone to keep the resolutions as shorts as possible and present them in a way that the existing committees are able to work on them. This does not mean that we will not entertain ideas that were not encompassed in the Board of Directors approved bylaws (subject to ratification). Based on the time restraints, the chair may propose tabling some of the resolutions. So, let us be thoughtful about it.

Fourth - Legislative Caucus Report: The national convention will hear a report from several prominent Puerto Rican elected officials in various legislative positions across multiple states. The report will set the framework of a plan in which our elected officials and NPRA will be working together for the next 2 years minimum.

Assembly will adjourn.


Nilda Ruíz, NPRA President
Jimmy Torres- Vélez, Convention Committee Chair