The National Puerto Rican Agenda (NPRA) is a nonpartisan alliance of stateside organizations, elected and community leaders, and volunteers. The alliance was born out of a collective desire to address Puerto Rico’s economic crisis and promote Puerto Rican political and civic participation in the United States.

Our members represent the Puerto Rican communities in the states of California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas and Washington DC.

Many are leaders of stateside Puerto Rican organizations including Acacia's El Centro Borinqueño, ASPIRA Association, Alianza por Puerto Rico, Center for Puerto Rican Studies at Hunter College, Chicago Puerto Rican Agenda, Delaware 4 Puerto Rico, El Puente, Iniciativa Puertorriqueña, National Boricua Human Rights Network, NACOPRW, Pennsylvania 4 Puerto Rico, and Puerto Rican Congress.


Executive Committee

President: Nilda Ruiz

Vice-President: Ronald Blackburn-Moreno

Communications: Gretchen Sierra-Zorita

Secretary: Edwin Melendez

Treasurer: Roseni Plaza 


State Chapter Leaders
Connecticut: Jason Ortiz
Florida Central: Jimmy Torres
New Jersey: Lydia Valencia
New York: Harry Franqui
Pennsylvania: Roberto Lugo
Washington, DC Metro: Jaime Farrant