We are deeply committed to ensuring that Boricuas everywhere embrace the importance of being counted in this years’ census through innovative information and education-based outreach collaborations on the island and mainland.

To overcome the unique challenges of Covid-19 quarantine restrictions, together with Boricua Vote we are launching the #Boricuenta2020 grass-roots campaign – a digital toolkit promoted across social media for individuals, community organizers, and trusted voices in the community to share information and instructions on Census Form completion in English and Spanish.

This is a pivotal opportunity to combat the longstanding inequities in wealth, education, and health impacting Puerto Ricans everywhere.  We want all Boricuas to be informed on the importance of being counted and its direct impact on political representation and federal funding for hospitals, schools, and transportation among many other public services within the communities they live. 

How can you help?  Download your toolkit today at www.boricuenta.com and encourage your family and friends to be counted!  Share #Boricuenta2020 across your social media.  Become a member!  Join NPRA today and help us advocate for economic and social equity so that all Puerto Ricans have the opportunities and resources to thrive!

August 2020